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Olga Jenney, “What would you do?”

What would you do?

By Olga Jenney


What would you do if your child was facing death and the only thing standing in their way was a lack of money? Wouldn’t you do anything you could to raise the necessary funds to save your child’s life?

This is exactly the situation that my friend Timothy Chhim is facing right now. You see, his son Tony has already had one kidney transplant for which his mother was his donor since she was the only one in the family who was a suitable match. That kidney has since failed and he has been on the hunt for a new kidney every since.

The good news?….

A brave soul, Taylor Tagg, has recently been found to be a suitable donor for Tony and both Tony and Taylor will be going into surgery next month on May 25th.

You can, in Taylor’s own words, read why he chose to give up his kidney to Tony here……/5-great-reasons-why-im-dona…

The challenge?….

Although Tony now has a suitable kidney donor, the costs associated with the surgery itself and in bringing Taylor to New York so that the surgery can take place are staggering.

Timothy has launched a crowd funding campaign in the hopes of raising the funds necessary to save his son’s life. Will you help?

What can you do to help?….

You can check out the crowd funding campaign here and simply make a donation of whatever amount you can (every single dollar helps).…/update/630914…

You can also share the link to the campaign with your friends.

Together, I know we can help Tony to live a long and happy life with his young family.