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Olga Jenney, “What would you do?”

What would you do?

By Olga Jenney


What would you do if your child was facing death and the only thing standing in their way was a lack of money? Wouldn’t you do anything you could to raise the necessary funds to save your child’s life?

This is exactly the situation that my friend Timothy Chhim is facing right now. You see, his son Tony has already had one kidney transplant for which his mother was his donor since she was the only one in the family who was a suitable match. That kidney has since failed and he has been on the hunt for a new kidney every since.

The good news?….

A brave soul, Taylor Tagg, has recently been found to be a suitable donor for Tony and both Tony and Taylor will be going into surgery next month on May 25th.

You can, in Taylor’s own words, read why he chose to give up his kidney to Tony here……/5-great-reasons-why-im-dona…

The challenge?….

Although Tony now has a suitable kidney donor, the costs associated with the surgery itself and in bringing Taylor to New York so that the surgery can take place are staggering.

Timothy has launched a crowd funding campaign in the hopes of raising the funds necessary to save his son’s life. Will you help?

What can you do to help?….

You can check out the crowd funding campaign here and simply make a donation of whatever amount you can (every single dollar helps).…/update/630914…

You can also share the link to the campaign with your friends.

Together, I know we can help Tony to live a long and happy life with his young family.


Taylor Tagg–a friend of Cambodian people

By Dr. Samnang Sorn

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.56.51 PM

Fundraising event

Organized to Support Kidney for Anthony Chhim

Sponsored by Schanley Kuch


The King of Kings

Would you like this masterpiece which portrays the head of the most powerful Khmer King Jayavarman VII? It is inspired by a piece from Angkor Thom, Bayon period (late XIIth, early XIIIth century)… This unique and heavy authentic stone sculpture was carved by a Khmer artist in Cambodia. Alexander Keorasmey bought this great piece and brought it with him from Cambodia on his own…
I am not sure how he carried this rare and heavy piece of artwork for more than 24 hours on the plane, but he did it. It is quite heavy!!! He told me he took care of this piece as it was his baby…
Your home or office deserves this impressive master piece to be a part of your personal collection.
Out of love for my son Anthony Chhim and brother Taylor Tagg, Alexander Keorasmey decided to offer this piece for me to put for an auction at the special fundraising on April 13, 2017. Can you imagine the shipping cost of this heavy piece?
Thank you very much Alex…many years from now this piece can become a real long lasting collection, my friend.

Please come to the special event sponsored by our friend Schanley Kuch on the 23rd and give us your best bet to save life.

Tep Pranam!

For Kidney for Anthony Chhim!
Thank you Chanthou or Chakra Oeur for one of your fine pieces of artworks called Tep Pranam. This beautiful piece is perfect on the wall of your hallway to welcome your guests all year round…
And it will welcome you at the fundraising events on the 23rd of April in Gaithersburg, Maryland sponsored by our friend Schanley Kuch.
And it might be yours…with your best generosity!

Tep Pranam



Eyeglasses for books!

Tony, went to Eye-Magination Optical in Pomona NY to have his eyes examined and to have his glasses replaced. After hearing his brief personal story, my journey from Cambodia and the story of our brave friend Taylor Tagg… Eye-Magination decided to help Tony with his co-pay and will also help him with two great pairs of eyeglasses.

For all of that plus their fine services, they only requested for two copies of Adversity to Advantage authored by Timothy Chhim, Taylor Tagg and Tom Cunningham….with my autograph… so that their clients can enjoy a bestselling book at their waiting areas. NICE.
Many thanks to Eye-Magination for a heartwarming gift of LOVE and Caring. Thank you.
Tony was very exciting when he called me with the good news and so was I.

eye glasses

Thank you Eye-Magination for the two pairs of eye glasses donated to Anthony… in exchange with the two Adversity to Advantage books. May God help bring more success to your business.

Pursat Supermarket

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